Monday, November 3, 2008

Invented Images

Above are three photographs that were all captured around the campus of Utah State University, yet there images all contrast a different story and presentation because of the angles they were taken in.

First, looking at the hillside of old main we can distinguish the location of the photo and the season of fall by the brightly colored leaves laying on the ground and the branches of the trees.

Second, the photo that captures two random people on campus. The position that they are in shows us that they may be engaging in a conversation after class or before one begins. And again, we can see the season of fall captured here as well by the leaves on the ground and on the trees.

Third, we see a vivid image of a red fire hydrant. This image is simply, it does not reveal the season to us, or its function of what it does, it simply is there. This photo was the one that stuck in my head, because after taking this photo you begin to see all of the fire hydrants that are on campus.

All of these photos are linked together because of the location of where they were taken, but all resemble something unlike. All of these images have a color to them that stands out, yet all present difference, one has an object, one has building, and one has two people.