Thursday, February 14, 2008

Press Release 3 Final

For Immediate Release
February 12, 2008

Contact: Preston Parker, President
Cache Valley Area Investors Association
Four three five – seven five seven – four five six zero


LOGAN, Utah - The Cache Valley Area Investors Association is promoting financial education to everyone, every other Thursday at the Cache Chamber of Commerce. It is a newly started association that is free to join and easy to become involved.

Preston Parker, president and founder of the organization began the CVAIA for people to look outside of their earned income and learn how to become financially independent. If you dislike your current job or are looking for a job, CVAIA can educate you on philosophies so you can choose your own career path.

Passive income is an option to build money that is often overlooked. You can build your passive income through investing, the CVAIA provides the education to do so, and this strategy can benefit anyone.

When asked about his credentials Parker stated, “I am not a certified financial investor at the same time I have been taught things, had guts, have won and lost. I simply
invite those interested to learn from my experience." Parker is excited to help people work towards their own financial independence and is teaching the best he can.

Cache Valley Area Investors Association was started in August 2007. Meeting times again are every other Thursday at the Cache Chamber of Commerce, which is located at 160 N. Main Street. Anyone can come and get involved, it’s free!

For more information, contact: Katie Jo Matekovic, at (435) 123-1233 or via e-mail,


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