Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Press Release 4 - ROUGH DRAFT

Release Date: March 7, 2008


The tragic events at Crandall Canyon Mine on August 6, 2008 reminded Utah how dangerous of a job coal miners face. UtahAmerican Energy Inc., co-owner of Crandall Canyon Mine, also operates Tower and West Ridge coal mines, which are also located in Utah.

Tower Mine is located 10 miles northeast of Price, Utah and is an underground bituminous coal mine.
(More on the safety concerns here )
(Information from Mine Superintendent, Steven Richens)

West Ridge Mine is located up the “C” Canyon road in East Carbon, Utah. This underground coal mine that is also a bituminous coal mine is newer then Tower Mine.
(More info here on safety and Information for Mine Superintendent, Darrell Leonard)

(Information here)

UtahAmerican Energy Inc., which is a subsidiary of Murray Energy, is owned by Robert Murray and is headquartered in Ohio. Murray Energy operates over 19 coal mines in five states and employs over 3,000 workers.

*This is truly a rough draft! I don’t have my interviews with the superintendents until tomorrow so this is all I have!


Nolan said...

Way to get the assignment done. You're one of the few.

Mark W. Taylor said...

Katie Jo,

I think you have a great start to your press release. Obviously as you fill in the body of the release with the quotes and everything it will complete it. Great, fabulous, amazing job.

claytongmackay said...

Good job. It is a very good start.

Anonymous said...

Katie, as always good start. you are taking on a very challenging topic, kudos.